The best taste of latin cuisine


From Central America to your table, a menu prepared with love and years of experience in palates.

Opening hours.

We'll waiting for you with tasty breakfasts from 10:00am and end the day with our specials until 8:00pm, monday to sunday.

Take out/in restaurant.


Go in to our restaurant and eat recently prepared food. Also, you can ask for it to take out or call us before to have prepared it.


Latin food cravings? Pupusas, tacos, typical food? You can order to our restaurant by delivery apps like PostMates.



The Reyes Family has lived in Cathedral City for over 30 years. Enrique, who was born and raised in Guatemala, found his love for cooking throughout his years in the United States. When Enrique met his wife, Marta, they began  to mesh their cooking from Guatemala and El Salvador.

Enrique has blessed so many people with his cooking over the years and it has always been a dream of his to open a restaurant. As his love for cooking grew, he began experimenting in his own kitchen by adding different touches of Latin cuisine into his food. With Mexican food being very prevalent in the Coachella Valley, he has also learned how to make many Mexican dishes. If you are looking for amazing Salvadorian Food in the Coachella Valley, stop by Los Reyes!

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